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Thread: Restoring "clean" UI features

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    Restoring "clean" UI features

    I've been using DejaOffice on an Epic since I purchased the phone 6 months ago. I'm generally OK with the incremental changes, but the screens look progressively more cluttered to me. I really enjoy the black background and what was a consistently clean look to the different views. Still the only PIM I've seen that I want to use...

    In contacts view, is it possible to restore the view to show only the name, and not the card detail? It is harder to read with all the extra info displaying on line 2, and reduces the number of contacts showing on a page. The ability to toggle would be nice.

    In calendar list view, did the date bar just get much larger? If I only have one event per day, half the screen is now taken up by the date bars! I don't want to use smaller fonts but it appears that now even fewer calendar events show on a page.


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    Amen to all that.
    i would also like to see Names only on the Contacts view and on the Calendar list view make those date bars a little smaller
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    Just discovered the "Group by" function: LOVE IT!
    I agree with above: When grouped by Company name, there is no need to display the company name AGAIN and waste space doing it...
    But under normal circumstances I would like to keep the company name displayed

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