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Thread: Feature Request : Task Due Date Rollover or Task Due Date Reschedule

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    Red face Feature Request : Task Due Date Rollover or Task Due Date Reschedule

    Hello, I converted to DejaOffice on my Droid X from Palm Desktop on my old Palm Centro
    in 2010. DejaOffice has been my GTD app since then. Although I actively test any and all
    GTD app in the Android Market looking for a specific feature.

    I'm looking for an Android Task or Todo app that supports Task rollover.

    I had Task rollover on Palm Agendus.

    Task rollover is a productivity and ease of use feature. In Palm Agendus, if a task is marked with the option ROLLOVER, then on the day AFTER the due date, the task is NOT past due. Instead, the due date will increment to the current date.

    So if you intended to meet a certain due date, but for some reason did not meet that
    date, then the due date automatically "ROLLS OVER" to the next date. Saving
    the time and effort to change the due date manually.

    The Palm Agendus implementation is very slick with more nuance than indicated above.

    My hope for DejaOffice is to provide at least a one-click manual button that increments the due date of all currently past due to a new date.

    Ideally, the feature would be implemented as 1) a global option enable/disable ROLLOVER for all tasks and 2) a per-task ROLLOVER override to the global option.

    I found two Android GTD apps with basic ROLLOVER function : 1) Todo + Notes Pro by Sandroid and 2) App Bullies CheckitOff. Todo + Notes has a reschedule all overdue tasks via a calendar new date select. CheckitOff has the "Bring Overdue Current" one-click menu option.

    Hopefully DejaOffice will add a task rollover feature.
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