I'm new to this forum and need answers to a couple of questions regarding the Deja Tasks app. I have searched through previous posts and looked at screenshots of the app, but could not find this information. If I have missed it, I apologize.

We have 2 new Motorola Droid phones that are syncing Outlook email, contacts & calendars with our Exchange server via Active Sync. One of our users relies heavily on her Outlook Tasks, many that are recurring with reminders. Here is what I need to know:

1. Does DejaTasks support recurring tasks with reminders/alarms? If not, is there a future version that will?

2. According to the Sync/Backup Options grid on the website home page, Exchange Active Sync will sync contacts and calendars with Deja Office on the Droid. Is the only option to sync tasks using CompanionLink via USB? If so, will a future version support syncing the tasks via Exchange Active Sync?

Thanks in advance for any help.