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Thread: Recurring event options not as extensive as palm calendar

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    Recurring event options not as extensive as palm calendar

    New user alert! One of the reason I downloaded this app was I wanted a calendar thet looked more like the one on my Palm Treo, which is much better than the default calendar on my HTC from AT&T. One of the reasons for this is the very limited set of repeat event options on the standard calendar. While the DJO calendar is far better in appearance than the default, and the ability to change or delete a single event in a repeating sequence is properly done, the choices for repeating sequences are still limited. On the Palm I can choose every X days, weeks, months or years. I don't see any way to do this on DJO's calendar.

    CORRECTION - just found out how to do this - note the new user alert....
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    DejaOffice is a superset. It contains all the features of Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Google Android and Google. Note that oddly Google Android recurrings are handled differently than Google Calendar recurrings.

    There's always a chance we missed something, and it's not always obvious on a 2" wide UI. So if anyone finds anything we missed please give a heads-up.

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