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Thread: Syncing quirks with Atrix and W7 64bit

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    Syncing quirks with Atrix and W7 64bit

    Been running trial of Companionlink to ensure that I can reproduce what I used to get with my old Window 5 phone - namely autosyncing of everything from outlook to phone just by putting phone in cradle. Realize that Android has limitations and Companionlink (and others) have not been able to overcome it all.

    one major quirk - actually a couple of of 'em.

    When initiating from the phone, the phone says to wait for PC to say ok and then press ok. About 4-5 seconds later, the ok button goes away automatically before I can even find the PC version of companionlink to find it's ok button. This then puts me in a cycle of having to hit sync from the phone about 4-5 more times before everything is successful. Successful is defined as
    - all items sync'd
    - sd card and internal phone storage is made available to the phone

    If I don't do all of the extra syncs - then one of the above will be at issue.


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    I can think of a way to automate this. Let me put that in place it will be a PC and DJO side change (i.e. when you update both sides) in about 30 days...

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