On a recent sync (android droid pro <-usb -> outlook 2010), I ran into two problems:

1. calendar items in outlook were duplicated (sorry, i didn't pay attention to see whether it was all or many) - i deleted the duplicates in outlook

2. the calendar items in outlook lost their original category colors (now they are all 'brown').

note that i currently do not update any of the calendar items in djo, just on outlook.

i don't know if it is related, but just prior to this i had tried to get wi-fi sync to work (couldn't, so i switched back to usb sync).

and a few days prior to this, i had changed the setting so that djo would sync with the android native apps but for contacts only (so that the telephone and e-mail apps would have access to my contact data).

any ideas as to why these 2 problems happened?