I have been using DejaOffice and CompanionLink for several months now and it has been synching fine over the USB cable. In the last couple of weeks the sync started to take longer than 12 hours to sync (EXTREMELY slow sync). And when I start sync it often tells me I need to be in USB Charge Only Mode when phone is already in Charge Only Mode. Also, periodically, locks up phone and have to shutdown/restart. Seems to have this problem if someone calls during over 12 hours of sync time.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium with all recommended updates installed, on a HP with core i7 860 processor, DejaOffice 1.11.3, CompanionLink Build 4040. I have uninstalled both DejaOffice and Companion link, rebooted both, reinstalled both - Did not help at all. I have, at the direction of tech support, copied everything on my SD card, reformatted SD Card, copied everything back, still no improvement.

Can anyone help? I am frustrated!