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Thread: New Feature Request - change of time zones

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    Thank you for your prompt return Thomas. I didn't get to trying your solution: I restarted my phone and everything went back to normal... Not sure why this or your solution should be necessary however.

    Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) - Android 8.0.0 - DO 4.4.14 (1102) - CL 5 (5098) - DejaCloud sync - Outlook 2010
    CL sync Android to Outlook one-way only - Sync with Android Contacts App (Contact Account DO) - No Sync to Android Calendar App - PC Windows 7

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    We read all timezone information from the device. A reboot of the phone would force the phone to get the timezone from the closest cell tower. Sometimes this can become "stuck". A Power off and on can fix a number of problems on any phone.

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