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Thread: "Retrieving Calendar Data"

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    So do I!

    If lag is a problem, just cut off the current one, and start a new one tomorrow. As soon as the old one is no longer in the display range, it no longer is part of the regeneration.

    If you already have a lot of changes this month, just put an end date of December 1, and start a new one December 2.

    A good balance is no more than 30 changes (instances) for a single appointment. So if you change every day, start a new one every month. I change 1-2 a month, and have been doing it for years so I have about 60 instances attached to some of my daily events. For me it is exercise, and certain meetings I go to nearly every day.

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    Thanks for the suggestion; however, I can't see me redoing my recurring appointments every month. Other calendars I've tried have no problem with having numerous recurring appointments and they open instantly. Unfortunately, they don't sync well with Outlook...
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    This seems to be improved with the new 3.1.2 release.
    Even with a lot of recurring appts, its now loading faster, due to the log file that was uploaded in that other thread.

    So whatever they did, it worked.
    Maybe they can improve it even more? It now seems to load the Calendar in about 5 secs, without all the choking on the recurring appts.

    Some people use lots of recurring appts for productivity management, things like daily Exercise, etc.
    So you can easily have 10-20 recurring appts daily.

    So whatever they did, maybe they can continue to improve it, and make it even faster?

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    I also have problems with "Retrieving calendar data" it just goes on and on as soon as I start calendar and today Dejaoffice has crashed twice and I have sent the crash logg. My Sony Xperia Z5 was recently updated to 32.3.A.2.33 and it runs Android 7.0. My older Sony pad that runs Android 6.0.1 hasn't any problems. I sync via DejaCloud. And it's Outlook 2016 that's syncing.

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