Currently the DejaOffice "Copy, Cut and Paste" feature is very hard to use compared to the standard Android operating systems "Copy, Cut and Paste" feature. The problem is in the selection of the text. When passing your finger over the portion of text you want to select, your finger covers up the text where you cannot see what you're trying to select. Consequently it is very hard to select a portion of text to copy or cut in any of the DejaOffice applications. If DejaOffice could use the standard Android operating system cut-and-paste tool within DejaOffice applications the problem would be solved. The great thing that makes Android's "Copy, Cut and Paste" feature so easy to use is: When you select text, it places two pointers tools on the screen. You can then grab each individual pointer and move it around easily to select the beginning of the text you want to copy. Then grab the other pointer and move it to the end of the text you want to "Copy, Cut and Paste". We used the "Copy, Cut and Paste" feature many times throughout the day to save time rather than retyping text over and over. Please consider fixing this major issue with the DejaOffice "Copy, Cut and Paste" feature. Thank you, Tom