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Thread: request for improving our dejaoffice apps!!!

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    request for improving our dejaoffice apps!!!

    Dear DEV,

    - Widget nowadays are the most helpful and easily accessible apps in android.. we kindly request to have separate dejaoffice widgets 4x4 & transparents for the follwing:
    1- "Updated Tasks widget" with possibility of sorting (by category, priority, etc.. not just a dump listing and mixing of all kinds of taks....)
    2- Separate Memos widget (4x4) (very important!); Memos (notes) are essential for people who works with office, come on dejaoffice you are the leaders now between microsoft office and android
    3- Birthdays widget (could be 1x2 or 2x2) only that can be placed on our screen lock (using widget locker for ex...)

    NB: Please make your application lighter... it is heavy and very slowwwww at least when used with a nand android compared to all the apps that I have on my phone..
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