Right about when they rolled out Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread...
it appears to have broken something between DJO and CompanionLink

At first there appeared to be delays in starting to run the sync and now the sync
is not running at all for the past several days. We were also receiving the
dialog box on the handset: 'Synchronization not yet finished'

Can you pls point us to an update, fix, or work around?
It's somewhat similar to other problems problems flagged in your forum with other
devices (and previous OS revs) a couple of months back... but not the same.

Would moving to CompanionLink 4 make the difference? Any gotchas we need to
be aware of or other suggestions?

Please advise the best next steps.

Many thanks and keep up your good work


FYI, this is using via USB sync:

DJO 1.11.7
running on HTC EVO
CompanionLink 3.0 build 3100
PC with Win7

Syncing to Outlook 2007 and getting ready to move to Outlook 2010