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    Unhappy Unable to Easily Dial from Contacts

    I have just purchased this phone and have been trying your software because I need to sync with outlook and what matters most to me is my contacts & being organized by categories..

    I successfully syncronized my Outlook and working with it now. Everything you've done is fabulous up to the point of being able to sort by categories, then, when I I wanted to make a call it went from fabulous to terrible in one click.. totally frustrating if not almost impossible to select a number and dial - and way too many clicks.

    After sorting by category and selecting a contact, the contact opens so you can view everything, then I have to carefully select a phone number, which doesn't even change colors or vibrate as I hover over it. More often than not I am selecting the wrong number or nothing at all. This is a total deal killer. If I do not have a solution in the next few weeks, the software and phone go back. I hope that's not the case because all else is great.

    Unless I'm doing this all wrong, I am getting to my contacts via the DejaContacts icon, rather than the Droid Contacts icon. When it comes to making a call I prefer how the Droid Contacts has a green phone that in one click brings up a drop-down list the numbers. Unfortunately, the Droid's limited way of listing of contacts and the font size of the phone# is terrible... which is why I'm trying Deja.

    IMHO - Here's how it should work (from a long time software programmer)...When viewing contacts by category, I should be able to choose whether I want to open the entire contact to view all data or just simply call that contact. I suggest two Icons - perhaps one placed at the far left to open the contact and a tel icon placed at the far right, which would then bring up a list of all phone numbers from which I could easily scroll through - highlighting which one I am about to select. I want as few key strokes as possible - that's the goal. By opening a contact and then having to carefully hit/miss a phone# is riduculous.. I would also suggest using appropriately large fonts to list the phone numbers types (i.e. work, home, cell) as well as the actual #'s...

    I would love it it someone from DejaContacts would call me or email me to discuss because I would like to keep your software and the phone, but this is an absolute deal killer. I hope you find my comments constructive.

    Thank you,
    Susie Melo
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