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Thread: Add telephone fields & make names flexible

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    Add telephone fields & make names flexible

    I replaced my palm with an ipod touch and deja office. I like it very much. I still use palm desktop on my pc and sync with companion link for Palm. But palm desktop has more phone/contact fields. The field names also can be changed so there can be multiple mobile phone numbers (for example). When I sync with deja office, only the first mobile phone will be synced -- a second will be ignored even if there are open fields in deja office. I expect it is because of the field name (2 mobile phone numbers). I would like to see this changed, as some people have a work cell phone and a personal cell phone.

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    +1 for this ;-)

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    Agreed. I sync to Outlook, and would also like to do that. I often include spouse's cell phone numbers (without wanting to create a separate contact only for that purpose), and secondary residence phone numbers, and have to use "company", "assistant" or "other" phone number fields for that purpose, which is a little frustrating.

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