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Thread: CL Phone Format settings

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    I read this thread twice and had a co-worker read again and neither of us can discern a specific condition mentioned that we can address.

    I get you upset. Is there something concrete about the CompanionLink default settings that we can assist you with?

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    I had a similar issue to the one faced by Ninetrees. I have my way of recording numbers: +AA-BB-CCCCCCC, where A=country code, B=area code, C=local number. All the "+" of my international dialling codes disappeared after my first sync. I had to manually put them back in my contacts, great fun !

    Like Ninetrees, I find the advanced settings regarding phone formatting unclear. You can only find out through trial and error, which is too dangerous when it comes to your sole contact database. So I changed my settings to sync only one-way (from Android to Outlook only, since my phone is my primary database) to avoid overrides, and tried several options, checking and unchecking boxes.

    My "+" phone numbers in Android contacts are now stable, but they still show without "+" in Outlook after synching, whichever option I choose in advanced settings. Why ? Until this is resolved I'm not confident about going back to two-way synching again.

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