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Thread: Missing Sync Outlook to DejaOffice

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    Missing Sync Outlook to DejaOffice


    using DejaOffice (1.11.9), MS Outlook 2010 and CompanionLink 4.0 (4046) for a few month now I noticed that some modifications of tasks or events are not synced from Outlook to Android.

    I have tried four test cases in both sync directions:
    OL->DO DO->OL
    - Changing the dates of an event spanning several days no sync no sync
    - Changing the time of a event no sync sync
    - marking a task as completed no sync sync
    - changing the due date of a task no sync sync

    Is the missing sync a known problem/missing feature or a rather problem of my configuration?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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    There isn't any known issues similar to what you are experiencing, but in some cases CompanionLink's "Optimized update sync" may not be finding the updating record correctly. In CompanionLink, go to Options and then uncheck "Optimized update sync" and see if your issues are fixed.

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