First off, I am using Outlook 2007 and had my business contacts on BCM. I purchased an Android HTC Evo and tried syncing via the HTC software but didn't like having two databases (appx 1,950 total contacts). DejaOffice was my answer. I tried to sync two databases and after a couple of attempts with the help of companion link support staff it worked. But has not since then and hard to get help so I combined both databases (really didn't want to do that).

My Questions:
1) Do I start the sync on the PC with CompanionLink or on the Evo with DejaOffice?
2) Should I press "Read Android Contacts" prior to syncing (that takes a very long time)?
3) Does the native android contacts and calendar sync automatically once the PC to DejaOffice is complete?
4) How do I overwrite the native Android Contacts and Calendar? I now have so many duplicates that keep going back and forth. I've tried purge and reread.

Thanks for any and all help...I'm a newbie.