I agree with all the comments in this thread relating to alarms and notifications.
We're frequently getting notifications hours and sometimes days off from the originally
scheduled time(s).
Unfortunately it's to the point we can't count on reliability of the alarms/ notifications
coming at the right time. This leaves the calendar as just barely a reference tool.
If there's something we can do to help you guys fix this, do let us know.

About the next step follow-on for PIM management, I believe DejaOffice is headed
in the right direction.
There are a lot of us migrating from the Palm world in need of this kind of solution.
As mentioned before, if there are things we can do to help the cause, do let us know.

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I agree - although somewhat primitive in comparison to the Android operating system in many ways, one thing that Palm did very well with their devices was PIM management. As you said, it is unfortunate that Google saw fit to release an OS with so many obstacles in place to interfere with productivity applications like Deja Office. My sincere hope is that your team is able to overcome these issues and unlock those areas of functionality we have all been waiting for since leaving the Palm world.