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Thread: Trying to sync, what a mess

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    Quote Originally Posted by kim.solheim View Post
    Thank you for the reply both here and mail Thomas,

    I will try to educate myself abit more to find a solution. I just have to find out how I can get this to communicate with google as main source of information. Problem is how I can get the contacts and tasks to be updated on all three sources (phone, google and outlook) I use another app for calendar that I am really happy with, wont mention which

    So, ill try to empty both my phone and outlook now completely, clear up the duplicates in google and start from there.

    Regards Kim
    Hello Kim,

    Our latest build of CompanionLink 5.0 beta (build 5001) might help. It allows you to use 2 sync profiles.

    I would set one to Sync outlook with Google.
    Then set the second profile to Sync Outlook to your Android phone with DejaOffice.
    That should be a safe config.
    Just make sure DejaOffice is not configured to sync Contacts and Calendars with Android.

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    was this issue ever resolved? I posted something similar however it never showed up on the forum. Are posts being screened prior to posting online?

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