So, I have been using a Palm device since 1998. Migrated to WinMo early last year, and ported all my Palm Desktop stuff to Outlook. Now I'm migrating to an Android device (Droid), and I'm trying to use CL/DJO. Until now, I have never purged anything out of my calendars. This was not a problem on Palm or Winmo devices, which didn't seem to care how many data points were in the calendar. DJO, OTOH, appears to be a different matter. When I did my initial sync, there were 8,000+ items in the calendar. It took an hour to sync. Now, any time I try to move around the DJO calendar, it hangs.

So, I'm going back in outlook and deleting non-essential data manually. I can't just "archive" stuff out, since there are some old data I have to have access to on the device for professional purposes.

At any rate, how do I blow out the databases on the Droid and start over, once I have a smaller Outlook calendar to move?