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Thread: Sync with PC, I should not have to be near PC to start a sync. Here is my request!

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    Sync with PC, I should not have to be near PC to start a sync. Here is my request!


    I have fixed the last of my installation issue. The 'classroom' link you sent was helpful with my questions.

    Now I'm left with two more issues and this time, it just might be that I need to as for a feature to added and possibly and 'add-on module' to be made.

    First, unless I'm unaware of a setting, I would like to start-up a sync session without having to walk over to my computer to tap on the sync button to get the sync to start.

    I've used a few other products im the past and none of them forced me to be at both the phone and the pc to get the sync to start going.

    Oh, I should clarify that I do know that the PC side has the ability to do a timed sync.

    Which means the phone is always listen for a wake up signal from the PC to start a sync, this is not a good way to do this as it is a drain on the battery.

    I am requesting that you reverse the process. Let the PC stay in the listening mode, the PC is plugged in and there is no need to worry about battery usage on the PC.

    Then the phone side can be the one that offers the scheduling options. And this would enable me to start a sync session without having to be near the PC to push the sync button.

    Please consider offering this method to the users (me)!

    Then this would be a perfect solution for me and many others.

    Now for my second request:

    I like that you can add a contact to a calendar event.

    However, I would like you to make this go one step further.

    I would like an option when adding a contact that the name be placed in the 'Subject' field, the address be placed in the 'Location' field.

    This is how the old Palm OS (Treo 650) worked.

    I am able to do this with a very hidden feature in Outlook right now.

    I've been forced since I moved to WebOS and now Android, to manual enter the subject and location field with the contact's data.

    Now, I made a dummy entry in the calendar and when it gets into Outlook via a sync. I then use the feature in Outlook to do 'a copy and paste' of the contact details which places all that data in the proper fields for me.

    I'm sure not everyone would want this feature, but for those of us that do, maybe make a 'add-on' module for the phone that would give us the option of copying the data automatically into those fields that I just talked about.

    Can you please consider this upgrade and feature request as well as the first one in this message.

    I would be ever grateful!

    Thank you!


    Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch on Sprint!

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    Hi Rob -

    Depending on the method of synchronization you use, it's possible we can configure the sync to be more automatic. If you let us know how you sync, we'll be able to better guide you.

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding linked contacts - currently, we do support this for DejaTasks (will add the work address as the location) - we'll forward this to our development team to look at doing the same for DejaCalendar.

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