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Thread: Latest changes are kept

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    Latest changes are kept

    "Latest changes are kept" is the option I use for resolving conflicts if both records, on Palm Desktop and on device are modified.

    It looks to me that dismissing an alarm on device is considered as a change.

    I say that because of the following example:

    1) This morning I edit an event on Palm Desktop (whose alarm has still to go off) to move it to ( let's say) tomorrow.

    2) I don't have time to sync, I'll do it this evening.

    3) Before syncing, the event alarm on device goes off and I dismiss it.
    (remember that on the device there is still the old timetable for that event)

    4) After sync, the event that I moved to tomorrow, disappeared and old version (with dismissed alarm) is kept.

    There's a risk of missing an appointment.

    Or I make something wrong, or alarm dismissing should NOT be considered to resolve conflicts.


    WinXP - Palm Desktop 4.2 - Sony Xperia ZR - Android 4.2.2 - CL 5.0 (B.5070) - DJO 2.5.2 (484) - Hotsync 6.1.0 - WiFi Sync

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    Exclamation Conflict resolution

    This subject (i.e. proper conflict resolution) is left unanswered by CompanionLink for some reason.
    See e.g. here:
    or here:

    Who knows what could be the reason. Maybe they are not competent enough to implement a solution like that. Actually, "they" could easily mean only 1 developer who is full of constant bug fixing and there are no resources for a heavier, more serious project like this.

    In my opinion CompanionLink is a poorly organized and managed company. (Just think about how it is possible that a 20 years old product doesn't have a user manual, user guide unbelievable.)

    I have written a very well detailed feature request/suggestion about conflict management that involves a compare window / differences window (displaying data collision) to let the user resolve any issues that could potentially lead to data loss or corruption.
    CompanionLink hasn't even replied, not even acknowledged that it has received my email.
    What an unprofessional and unethical gang.

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