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Thread: SYNCing not sinking in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas View Post

    OK that clears up a lot.
    For the record DejaOffice is designed to store data on the SDCard, not internal memory. Some users can run the app this way but it is not recommended. Especially for devices that have an SDCard slot.
    I have an external SDcard installed and at the time of the uninstall/reinstall. DJO didn't install anything on it.

    Side note: The losing last reocurring day came back but I haven't looked back in this thread to see if I still had the problem with the beta. I reinstalled the 238 build, no joy on the lost day and the screen flicker is back too! Of course, as you said, it's a beta version.

    I seem to remember S7 users asking about this, I don't think storing data on the external SD card is possible right now.
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