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Thread: total contacts number

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    total contacts number

    Hi, my contacts in the phone are display under Google. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S, the phone has 4 tabs 1) Contacts, 2) Groups, 3) History, 4) Activities.
    However, as I wants to SMS a friend, discovering his contact his missing from the contacts tab. The total number of contacts under the Groups is more than the Contacts. When I select the "missing" contact from the group tab, it simply choose another contact.

    After some troubleshooting here and there, it is found that the contacts are linked somehow. How to stop that automatically linking of contacts?

    In addition, what setting is require for the category to appear in the calendar? For the companionLink USB , I checked PC Data and Handheld Data, Purge and Reload All. Dejaoffice setting sync option, I tried a check sync with Android Contacts/Calendar App and check but none of the google calender reflect the category. What is wrong with this software?
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    jaspersky, We noted some issues with sync with Samsung Galaxy S. This is the most advanced Samsung Android phone. It was released Friday.

    We are looking into the issues on Sync. We'll issue an update this week.

    As far as the Google native contact list combining records, maybe you should check with Google, or use DejaContacts only. I don't know why Android combines some contacts and not others with the Contacts App. Our app is DejaContacts, and there should not be any combining there.

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