Hi Team,

I'm newbie so go easy on me. I am about to pull the rest of my hair out, which won't take long.

OK, I have been using a Blackberry and Outlook, using Contacts, Calander, Tasks and Notes. I am trying to get it synced into my new Photon. I finally got part of the contacts ??? and no calander, tasks or notes. I need to be able to keep all my info on my computer, as this is my main work tool. I'd prefer not to use Google to store my data, as I don't always work with an internet connection, but I haven't completely ruled it out (I do have a Google Accoung tho. I am not in love with Outlook and don't have a problem changing to something compairable). I downloaded DajaOffice and Companion link. Can DajaOffice be installed and run on a PC? If it can, I think that would work ok for me. If not, what suggestions do you have?

Thanks for your help,