First things first. THANKS, I have recently made the transition from BB to Stratosphere. I was a looooong time Palm user (DateBk5) and when the real Palm died I chose BB since I have relied on HotSyncing my PIM data to my device and 3 years ago when I went to BB they were the only ones who could realistically keep me on schedule. Now that the writing on the wall seems to be that BB will slowly fade away, I wanted to go to the droid platform.

Now I am stuck and don't if its that I'm a noob, or what. I have Deja Office installed, purchased, and syncing well. My current issue is that when I get an email with a meeting notice attached as an .ICS format the only option I currently have is to save to calendar.... google calendar I dont want my info in the cloud which is why I went with Deja Office. Is there ANY WAY to make my device know that Deja Calendar is my default calendar so the notices show up there??

I know if I go to outlook at home and accept it I can then sync, is there hope of not having to wait until I sync to get this info on my deja calendar??