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What I was referring to is the following:
Turn on Native Contacts sync in DejaOffice.
Do a Purge and Relaod of all data from CompanionLink.
Turn Native Contact Sync off in DejaOffice:

The result will be that DejaOffice and Native Contacts will overwritten with your PC Data.
Moving forward the Data in DejaOffice and Native contacts ill remain separate.
I thought this was the answer to how I could get my ACT! contacts over to my Driod Bionic's native contacts database. I followed your steps Thomas and it worked. Unfortunately, the next standard sync I did between ACT! and DejaOffice put duplicates in my Boionic's native contacts; and, I had turned off the DO sync setting to sync with Android Contacts and didn't use any sync settings off the top "Options" menu in CL Express. Frustrating!! I've tried now a few syncs (Reread ACT! Data on next sync, Wipe all records on Android before next sync), etc., and never could get a satisfactory set of one to one contact records in my Bionic native contact database. Even more frustrating!!!

I really like DO and think CL Express is a great in theory, but I have to say both products (when used according to your online documentation) are somewhat flaky. I can never count on my data - across the board - being clean after a sync.

Just thought I'd share....