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Thread: Calendar and Contacts do not Sync - No Email fields in Contacts?????

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    Angry Calendar and Contacts do not Sync - No Email fields in Contacts?????

    Yesterday: I got Tasks, Notes and a few Calendar events to sync, but no Contacts

    I have tried to sync the calender from Outlook to DejaOffice: only sync'd one item that I just opened and saved on Outlook.
    - Contacts do not sync at all from Companionlink Professional, I have
    - reloaded and purged
    - deleted and re installed DO
    - All I get is Task and Notes

    ALSO, WHY ARE THERE NO EMAIL FIELDS SYNC'd with the contacts!

    Come on guys, I spent 100 dollars on a sync program and it is so far.....useless!

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    shobbs7, for contacts/calendar not syncing, you might check that you are syncing the correct Outlook folders. You can verify this from the CompanionLink "Outlook Folders" tab. For the contact email field not syncing, you might check what you have set in the "Field Mapping" settings in CompanionLink Setup. You'll want to make sure that you are mapping your Outlook email field to the DejaContacts email field. If you continue to have trouble with the sync, please contact CompanionLink tech support.

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