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Thread: Latest DejaOffice hanging

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    rollback to v1.5.6

    Hey gang, go to in your phone's browser - you can download the old v.1.5.6 here. Works like a charm, although page does not display the fact that it's v1.5.6. I'm on Verizon/Droid. Tech support promises v1.5.8 later today, but who knows if that will work or break other things; seems like serious quality control issues here. I thought MS was bad, releasing s/w prematurely, and in betas - looks like we're alpha testers. Hmmph. Good tech support response, though. -- Pete

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    DejaOffice 1.5.8 has now been released (11am Pacific Time) and is available on the Android Marketplace.

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    1.5.8 is not yet showing up on my Nexus One in the marketplace. Just for your info.

    Edit: Now it is, but it wasn't showing up in the "Downloads" section, just when I searched for it.

    - Tim

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    I have updated to 1.5.8 and all the duplicates are gone on my Galaxy S!

    Great work you guys!

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    Thanks for the speedy update guys.
    Certainly cured the calendar FC on my Nexus.
    Froyo has newer screens for mounting the SD card and DejaOffice no longer controls this - you have to fiddle with settings manually during the sync.
    Sorting this out will get 5 stars again.

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