I've not noticed this until today since I've not used Deja Office for all that long.

On my Outlook 2010 calendar on the computer, I have two recurring entries on Tuesdays. They are both on my calendar simply as reminders for something I must do on Tuesday evenings.

Event A is set for 4 pm on EVERY Tuesday for one hour.
Event B is set for 4 pm on EVERY OTHER Tuesday for one hour.

Outlook 2010 on the computer handles them both just fine. But somewhere, in either Companion Link or Deja Office, Event A is being ignored and NOT COPIED to the handheld device. a Samsung Android.

It appears to be a problem with the fact that both "occur" at the same time. I changed both to "all day events" and they are now getting copied to the handheld as they should be.

I point this out because "conflicting appointments" should be MY "management" problem and Companion Link or Deja Office shoule NOT choose one over the other for synching.