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Thread: Can DejaOffice (DO) import CSV file format

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    Can DejaOffice (DO) import CSV file format

    I am confused because I thought that the DO site said that the second way to sync was with Google contacts. Well for the life of me I can't figure out how to get DO to talk with Google contacts. Initially I exported Outlook clients to Google contacts and planned to synch DO to Google.

    Is it possible to just create a CSV file and import that into DO. My CRM of choice on my desktop is TimeMatters but my older version doesn't allow a straight out synch to Android. It does sync to outlook. So I can go TM to Outlook and then to Android. I would only sync once in a while so doing the three way sync isn't to hurtful.

    So can DO import a CSV file?

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    Hi urdrwho,

    There are two ways to sync data with DejaOffice:

    1) Using CompanionLink.
    2) DejaOffice can sync with a native Android account on the device.

    DejaOffice cannot import CSV files. You can set up your device to automatically sync with your Google account - this creates a local database on the device that is linked to your Google account. Then, configure DejaOffice to sync with a native Android account, and select the Google account (will usually display as your Google email address).

    More info here -

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