I have synced data from my palm desktop to my new android with DejaOffice (it is the best agenda app for android!) and have some newbie question and maybe wishlist for future version of DjO:

- In DjO I have all my birthday imported, but it is not synced to android contacts... is it possible to sync also the birthdays or it is possible to sync all the birthdays from DjO to android contacts?
- Also I don't find the way to have the birthdays showed in the DejaToday and in the widget: is there an option to do so and if not maybe in the future can be added this (maybe like an optional with enable/disable)? Also it will be good to show the years near the name of the contact in today and maybe also in DejaContacts near the birthday (here also like years/months/days).
- Maybe in the future can be added also an 4x2 and 4x3 today widget?
- Is it possible to switch an address type to other (eg. from work to home)?
- Is it possible to change/set the sound/music for every single alarm?

Thank You