My phone updated to DJO 2.1.5 and every thing seemed fine. Then I went to sync as usual with my Outlook and weird things started to happen. To the best of my memory, I got an error on the phone that I have never seen, that said something like "memory card error" in a white box (different format than any other DJO messages or Android messages).

I should also mention that DJO itself seemed to reset, and needed me to go through my synch settings again, which I did. I don't allow the DJO to synch with the phone's Google contacts or calendar, so I reentered all that.

On my first synch, I was wanting to synch one-way from phone to Outlook for backup as usual. I had also set CL to purge and reload my contacts from Outlook into the phone this particular time.

Bottom line is that I tried to synch several times, and it acted like it completed, but all my data is gone from the phone. Originally my CL settings were to synch only from the phone to Outlook. When the weird things happened, I checked the phone and saw no data. So I reset CL to purge and reload from Outlook to phone for everything, and tried several more times to synch, with no success.

So DJO has no contacts, data, or tasks. Outlook is fine, and has all my contacts and tasks. If I'm not mistaken, my contact count in CL doubled at some point during this, but the synch won't work, even on purge and reload.

All of this is at my office, and I'm at home now, because I got disgusted. So, I think there is a synch bug in 2.1.5 . And, I need advice as to how to force a synch from Outlook to the phone to get my calendar back on it.. Very annoyed!