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Thread: Deja Calender on Samsung Galaxy 2

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    Deja Calender on Samsung Galaxy 2

    Hello, don't know if anyone can help, not sure what i have done but when i view my calender on a day view or week veiw i have it set from sunday to saturday in mico view but i can see a little of the saturday before and a little of the sunday after. And also when you scroll across it does not go to the next week like it did it just roles through the days not a whole week. Has anyone any ideas Thanks

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    Hi McKenzie,

    This behavior is part of the new DejaOffice 2.1.5. We wanted to make it a little easier to navigate and see upcoming appointments for the next few days.

    We'll be looking at tweaking this behavior based on user feedback. There's already some good discussion in this thread; feel free to chime in -

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