I've had no trouble syncing between DJO and Outlook 2010 since my little problem posted on 04-28-2012, 11:17 AM. In fact I now refer to my RAZR Maxx with DJO as the device Blackberry ought to have come up with! I have had none of the problems I see reported here. Of course, I am satisfied with my DJO version# 2.1.9 (264) and CompanionLink for Outlook 5.0 build 5028. Yesterday, however, I sync-ed in the early afternoon and noticed that an entry I made in Outlook did not appear on my device. Later that evening I tried another sync and that is when things sort of fell apart. I lost all the Outlook data stored on the device --PC Outlook files and display thankfully were unaffected. I tried another sync after going through all the set-up steps (tripping over the green check for disabling Google that I just read about in another post). I followed the set-up because my DJO home screen had reverted to white and I had only the original "personal" and "business" categories. I had no luck whatsoever even though I changed the CL options page to reread the data and to wipe the Android. I even changed the sync to one-way from Oulook to be sure I didn't mess up my Outlook data. I decided I would post this morning.

Well, this morning came and I decided to give it one more try. One thing I noticed was on the Advanced Settings Category Filter tab; all categories was selected and indeed they were all highlighted in the right hand column of CL. BUT there were no checks in the list of calendar, tasks, contacts, etc.. So I unchecked ALL and checked Select and then manually put checks in the list. Then I clicked on all again. Now the checks in the list were there, but greyed out. I ran the the sync and all my data returned to the device. There were only two categories that needed correcting as to the color.

What happened? How can I prevent this again? Why was my workaround successful? Is it a 'No-No" to sync more than once a day on the same PC?
As before, I would greatly appreciate any assistance or clarification you could give me.

And still many thanks for providing this "dynamic duo" of software!