So I finally installed.

Here's a weird thing I noticed:
I have about eight or nine categories in my Palm calendar.
I have about six or seven categories in my Palm contacts.
I have about a dozen categories in my Palm Tasks.
I have about ten categories in my Palm Memos.

Now, some of them are the "same" - I have a "Business" in all of them and a "Personal" in all of them. (Actually I don't have a "Business" in Contacts - because I have it specified by the name of the company for whom I work!)

Anyway, whichever module I'm in - DejaContacts, DejaCalendar, whatever, and I select "Categories", it shows me ALL categories - from calendar, contacts, tasks, and DejaNotes (nee Palm Memos).

Is that right? Am I the only one that thinks that's odd?

Thanks again for all your help!