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Thread: FEATURE- convert or LINK TASK to Appointment

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    Exclamation FEATURE- convert or LINK TASK to Appointment

    I often have a TASK that needs to be linked to an appointment .

    I often have people leave messages which may involve details about some issue I write in notes and I log all this into my TASKtocall : when speaking later with them I eaither will make an appointment or register CALL as something I have to do.As it is originally a TASK I want to move/copy all this while talking to an appointment (task--> appointment calendar ) or another TASK ( TASK ---> task )
    e.g : ( say my TOcall category to --> service category in say to complete in 2 weeks )
    ... but I still want to register that I spoke to that person on the day registered as reference

    DAY1 - MEssage on my desk ... CALL bob re fixing his printer --> enter into TASK (DATE:day1 , category TO CALL)
    DAY1 - CALL bob - he tells me its a dx65 printer and needs it fixed by 4 weeks and drop it in 2 days time --> COPY TASK into ( DATE to complete 4 weeks , category SERVICE)

    ... timme passes 2 weeks

    DAY 14 : I enter into last TASK completed/date and enter details about charges and fault .
    I call bob to say its fixed , we arrange a time day 16 to meet .
    I log into DEJA and copy convert TASK to an appointment leaving a copy in TASKS but appointment copies info or [LINKS] to the task above .

    I realise you have a CLIENT LINK to task or schedule. but SCHEDULE and TASKS cannot be linked .
    Logically you see the scedule and bring it up ..
    It wil lsay Bob is LINKED but it wont show a link to the TASKS.

    Any info how to do this would be great

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    I agree, with you request, tasks entries should be able to be converted in calendar entries and the opposite. In fact, i remember old PIM software for other phone platforms which can do it.

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    dasser welcome to the forum.

    Are you using Android?

    In DejaOffice Android, go to the task list.
    Tap on a task to open it.
    On the view screen, tap on the context menu (the corner ... menu)
    Select "Create Event Copy".

    This will make an event with the available from the tasks.

    The same option exists in DejaCalendar.

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