After spending hours cleaning up my contacts and syncing with Outlook there are multiple entries in Dejaoffice....some contacts will show 4 of the same phone # but when I open to the edit screen there really is only one of that phone # showing; I can't find the other entries to delete...then after going through all the contacts and cleaning them up in Dejaoffice I did another sync thinking it would clean up in Outlook, only to find that although I had made no changes (in Outlook) immediately prior to this second sync, everything in Dejaoffice was completely screwed had numerous entries again, names were added; ie, a contact with only a Company entry initially, now had the company entry and the name of the company again listed in the "first / last name" field....arrrggghhhhhh....I just want a clean Dejaoffice / Outlook address book! Would it be best to enter everything in Dejaoffice, delete everything from Outlook and then do an initial ONE WAY sync from Dejaoffice? Or is this an issue that will hopefully be resolved with an update in the near future?