Country: Canada
Phone Provider: Public Mobile
Phone: UMX MAX (Bravo?)
Model: MXC 670
Android "About Phone" says its model: PMI920
Android Version: 2.3.4

CompanionLink Version: Build 5004
Deja Office: Version 2.1.9

I installed Deja Office on my Phone
I installed Companionlink on my Windows XP SP2 Laptop
Both were installed on Nov 24, 2011

I am located in the Toronto area where Eastern Std Time is in effect.

When Daylight savings time went into effect(Sunday March 11, 2012), Deja Calendar Alarms became delayed by 1 Hour!

All pre-existing (and those I newly create) repeating events now show up with start time in the Atlantic Time Zone. Changing the start time on the Event to Eastern Std Time does has no effect on the behaviour. I must set back the time on the event by 1 hour for the event to notify me at the desired time, so to be notified at 4pm I now must change the start time to 3pm!!!

Any help most appreciated!!!