Syncing with my main PC and the Device runs quite stable lately.
However, syncing the data one-way to a second PC is still buggy with the same as reported about a year ago!

Syncing the birthday calendar entries just messes up completely.

- Birthday calendar entries in OL are all belonging to a Bday category/color and don't have an alarm set
- This can be verified on the Android in DJO and is perfectly synced from the main PC to the device.
- Though everything is set to on-way from Android to OL in CL, I completely cleared the calendar in OL ... just to make sure ..
- After the sync I get the following results:

1. I get all of the bdays, correct without alarm and with the correct color/category,
but with a wrong year for the most of them. They have the correct day and month, but the year is set to either 1970 or 2007.

2. About half of the bdays are duplicated in OL,
with the correct date/month/year, but with an alarm set and without a color/category

What a mess!

I would really deeply appreciate if this bug can finally be fixed.