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Thread: Shortcuts open incorrect link

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    Shortcuts open incorrect link

    Nexus One 2.2. I have created shortcuts for calendar,tasks etc on my home screen but selecting any of them brings up the last screen used in DejaOffice instead of the shortcut screen. So if I open the DejaOffice home screen then select Calendar, that works OK. If I then select the contacts shortcut which I added to the home screen, it opens up the calendar again (or whichever was the last used DejaOffice screen).
    Any ideas please?

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    Please check again.

    Shortcuts for Tasks, Contacts and Memos should all bring up the list for those apps.

    Shortcut for Calendar, brings up the last Calendar view you saw; Day, week, month or list.

    I double checked myself and all is working as expected. DejaOffice V 1.5.8, Nexus One, 2.2 Froyo. If anything try remaking the shortcuts.

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    Sorry but I've just re-tried this.
    Created a new shortcut for calendar and it opens contacts.
    Select back a screen to get Deja home, select calendar from there, opens OK.
    Now go back to Nexus home screen and select the Contacts shortcut and the calendar screen opens.
    New shortcut for Dejatoday - opens calendar again.

    Whatever shortcut I create opens the last used screen, whether it was calendar, tasks etc.

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    this is still happening for me too. I'm using the incredible.


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    I was able to replicate this behavior. We will get this fixed in a future update.

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    Thanks for the feedback - excellent Devs!

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