Yesterday I updated DJO (2.2.9 (341) 8/20/12) and did a one-way calendar sync from Outlook to DJO (wiping all calendar entries on Android during the sync). Then I did a two-way sync for a limited time range (14 days back), and it wiped out all non-repeating calendar entries on DJO prior to the 14-day window. I'd not seen that happen with my prior phone (BlackBerry), nor with my Android (when I could get the calendar to sync properly). I want to keep multiple years' calendar entries on my phone, but I want to keep sync time short. I thought that the sync range merely looks at the entries within that time, ignoring content outside of the range. Is DJO really supposed to delete calendar entries outside of a sync date range?


htc Incredible 4G on Android 4.0.3
DejaOffice 2.2.9 (341)
CompanionLink Professional build 5036
Calendar source: Outlook 2007
Contact source: Sage ACT! Pro 2012 Version
Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit)