I'm terribly disappointed tonight.
I have just sync my Android device with my home Outlook and discovered that all the notes inside my appointments in the calendar are empty !?!!!
That's a disaster.
Only the titles are visible.
It happens now I'm using DejaConnect USB and Android ICS 4.
I want to add that I have many times bugs with the MTP connection that is not so enduring in time.
I have regrets of the USB Storage Mass method that was solid.
I do not know the state of my work Outlook : empty or not...
Just desperate.

XP&7 FR / Outlook 2010 / DJO 2.1.9 + CLP 5.0.5032 / Samsung Galaxy S2 + Android 4.0.3 / DejaConnect USB + 30 days back + sync both ways + sync deletions + sync alarms + cleared records + native Android contacts sync but no Google sync