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Oh, here he goes again...
I suspect this is a glitch with Palm Desktop.

I synced my Tasks last night, and then looked on Palm Desktop; it shows they were completed, but it shows the completion date as 12/31/2010, NOT the date they were actually completed.

I know Palm has had many issues in the past with UNDATED tasks showing up on the Desktop version with a 12/31/2010 due date, so I'm guessing this is what's happening.

Which leads to further speculation - when I click that a task is done in Deja Tasks, is it capturing the date the task is done? I'm thinking probably not, which is what is leading to this issue.

Any chance that's a pretty easy fix?

It's nice to be able to pull out archives to show when things were done. It's like having a mini-diary, but instead of looking back on how I captured all my wonderful feelings for Becky Thatcher, I can go back and see what day I "email DGK, re: Reqs" and "double next week's 135 order"!