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Thread: Syncing Andorid and Outlook BCM

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    Syncing Andorid and Outlook BCM

    How well does DejaOffice Sync Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manger?

    Does it sync both contacts and business contacts and if so does it keep them separate are all together? Syncing Business contacts in addition to Outlook contacts is critical.

    Does it sync Business Opportunities and if so does it keep them separate or consider them tasks? Syncing Opportuniites is highly desireable.

    Does it sync any of the other BCM types (Accounts, Projects, Marketing campains, Project Tasks, etc.) Syncing these would be nice but not necessary.

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    CompanionLink will sync Outlook 2007/2010 Business Contact Manager (BCM) to DejaOffice. CompanionLink Express will sync either personal contacts or business contacts. CompanionLink Professional can sync both, and the contacts can be categorized to keep them separate. Opportunities sync to the task list, but they will be labeled as opportunities. And yes, CompanionLink will sync BCM accounts, projects, project tasks, and marketing campaigns. You can find more info at

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