The addition of the time zone shift control has substantially improved my travel experience with my phone. In the past, to deal with the problem that appointment times got shifted, I shut off time update and time zone update in my phone and kept it on pacific time, manually changing the time zone. Now I can let me phone get its time and time zone from the network.

The no time zone shift option means that if I enter an appointment on my laptop, the times I enter are preserved. I thought this also be the case if I entered a new appointment in DJO on my phone. What I just discovered is that the default time zone for appointment entry is the time zone on the phone and when I sync to my laptop, which I keep on pacific time, it got shifted in the Palm Desktop to the earlier Pacific Time. I can solve the problem by setting the calendar'd event to the pacific time zone.

I can change the time zone manually, but it would be helpful if I could set the default creation time zone permanently to pacific. Please consider adding a setting to allow this.