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Thread: Saving Android settings for xfer to replacement handset

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    Saving DejaOffice Android settings for xfer to replacement handset

    Hi, any way to do this. Will be a bore to have to go thru everything again.

    No problem with the data just the handset settings.

    Thanks, Paul

    Edit: to clarify i am only talking about DejaOffice here
    now running 2.2.10 (344)
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    DejaOffice 4.4.14 (1102) on Galaxy A9 (2018) SM-A920F with Android 8.0.0
    DejaOffice 4.4.14 (1102) on Galaxy Tab S2 TM-810 (32GB) with Android 7.0
    Companionlink 5.0 Build 5072 with Outlook 2003 Sp3 on Win 7 Pro Sp1
    Now syncing Via DejaCloud

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    +1 to this. My tablet had to be replaced last week, so this would have saved a lot, also this would be useful to transfer similar settings between my phone & tablet.
    Tablet: Archos 101 G9 Turbo ICS
    Phone: HTC Sensation XL ICS
    DejaOffice version# 2.2.11
    CompanionLink build # 5036
    Data Manager App Outlook: 2010
    Sync Method with CompanionLink: DejaCloud
    DejaOffice Sync Settings for Contacts: Native Android
    DejaOffice Sync Settings for Calendar: DejaOffice

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