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Thread: The DJO Merge Duplicate Records Feature Creates Record Errors.

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    The DJO Merge Duplicate Records Feature Creates Record Errors.

    The Merge Duplicate Records feature identified 125 records. I OK'd deleting all 125. I then started a sync. During the sync, I OK'd deleting the "same" duplicate contact records in Outlook.

    The completed sync resulted in at least 2 record errors. In my Outlook Personal folder, the record for Bria M Martin was deleted but her name was moved to the record for Kole Martin. Both had/have the same home # and home address. The differences: Bria did not have a mobile # but Kole does have a mobile #, and the photos are different. Also, the work # for Melissa Martin was added to the record for Kole Martin. Other than the last name being the same, all 3 had/have the same home address because they are in the same family. However, 2 other Martin family member records with the same home address as Bria, Kole, and Melissa were not changed or deleted.
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