Here is a Beta release for DejaOffice 1.6.0 for Android. Release notes are below.

To download this release, enter this link on your phone. It will bring you to a web page you can use to download the beta.

NOTE: Beta releases may not be tested with AT&T Backflip because AT&T does not allow downloads outside Android Market.

DejaOffice v1.6 BETA

*Added the ability to add/create/edit recurring events within DejaOffice

*Added account selection options when syncing with the native Android apps

*Added Froyo automatic mounting support

*Improved native contact/calendar sync speed

*Fixed an issue where disabling contacts/calendar syncing on the PC would disabled sync b/w DJO and native apps

*Fixed an issue where email addresses wouldnt sync from the native contacts app

*Fixed and issue where the website field would sync incorrectly

*fixed an issue where task alarms synced from the PC would not ring

*fixed an issue where all day annual recurring events synced one day early to the native calendar