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Thread: All-Day events spanning multiple days

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    the issue, that the start date of an all-day event is moved to the end date in the date picker is not fixed yet! It is still present in DejaOffice v2.3.5 (377).

    DejaOffice 3.1.2 (631) on Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, Android 4.4.4 German ---
    MS Outlook 2010 German on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit ---
    CompanionLink: 6012 - DejaConnectUSB (ADB Mode) ---
    Sync with Android contacts: DejaOffice-Account - No Sync with Android calendar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas View Post

    I believe this issue was fixed in 2.3.3. Are you still using 2.3.2b?
    No, sorry, I forgot to update my signature, I have automatic update so I am on 2.3.3.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Android 4.4.2 - DO 2.5.9 (538) - CL 6008 - Direct USB sync (Mass Storage Mode) - Outlook 2010
    CL sync Android to Outlook one-way only - Sync with Android Contacts App (Contact Account DO) - No Sync to Android Calendar App - PC & laptop Windows 7

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    The issue is still present in version 2.3.5. It will not be fixed until version 2.4 - which we do plan on releasing as a beta within the next few weeks.

    We're sorry for the continued inconvenience - but the issue will be fixed soon.


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    The issue reported here regarding mutliday, all day events & the erroneous alarm that was created has been fixed. This fix will be in version 2.4.0, which we hope to release in a week or two as a beta. We'll be sure to post back here when that version is available.

    Thanks to everyone for detailed reporting on the issue.

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